What do we do?

Try to take over the world of course, the world of software development that is.

We are a young and passionate software company. We are a team of people who are at the forefront of software development. We are hard at work creating a software product for Warewolf, Ireland.

Using the .NET stack, and leveraging cool acronyms like WPF, XAML, WF and C#, we continue to improve Warewolf. We DON’T do  run of the mill, cookie cutter, line of business apps. We’re reaching into new territory which keeps things exciting!

We are a fully agile company. This means our solutions evolve quickly through iterative and incremental software development. The team is self-organizing and cross functional. We drive agility in our thinking and way of being. We are continuously improving using the Scrum Methodology of software development. This gives us gives us the freedom of being able to lead ourselves and the way we work. Simply put, inspect and adapt.

We’re the sole developers for Warewolf, Ireland.

Software development for Warewolf

Warewolf lets you efficiently integrate information systems, APIs and business processes in a SOA framework. You can quickly write your own applications in a clean visual paradigm. Allowing you to write software quickly, simply and accurately.