The importance of teamwork in software development

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"Teamwork can refer to a number of different things: Working in conjunction with others toward a common goal, a combined action of numerous individuals, or even just efficient and effective collaboration with other people”.

Majority of Software Developers will work in a team at some point in their career. These teams could be technical teams, or involve other functional teams within the organisation. The focus of this article will be on the importance of teamwork among software developers.

Working in teams has many benefits, for the developer, the organisation and the client.

Teamwork encourages Creativity

It allows people with different complementary skills and areas of expertise, to come together and share their ideas, thoughts, knowledge and solutions. Different perspectives of the team members can drive creativity and innovation.

It Improves Skills

Team members can learn from one another, improving on their current skill set, and advance the overall team performance.  Knowledge sharing is a massive advantage in organisations today. A learning organisation is important, especially in the tech industry as it is extremely volatile and changes occur so quickly.

It Drives Ownership

When team members overcome obstacles, they feel like they’re helping the group achieve its goals. Owning their work and taking full accountability for their success or failure is important. A healthy team will self-manage and hold other team members accountable, thereby instilling the value of ownership.

Processes are Improved

In working in teams, developers get continual feedback, and can improve their processes and the overall product quality is improved. Working in a team means that this feedback is quick and the necessary changes are made timeously. Code Quality standards are also kept high as code reviewprocesses go through one or more team members.

Teamwork helps reach goals more Efficiently

The goal can be reached quicker and time to market is improved, as many hands make light work, keeping clients happy. The support from the team members also helps in the success of achieving goals.

Celebrations Boost Morale

Success is a result of your team’s hard work and efforts. It is important to celebrate those efforts to foster a positive moral within the organisation. Methodologies like Scrum have ways of celebrating the team built into the process, but it’s also important to celebrate other milestones, achievements and great work. Recognition of a job well done is a great way to reward and motivate your team.

At Dev2, we have a highly skilled and positive Dev team, with many different specialities and skill levels. Our developers challenge each other on a daily basis to improve their code writing skills and processes. A practice we have adopted at Dev2 is a daily appreciation in our morning Scrum meeting. This gives us all the chance to appreciate one another and be appreciated; keeping our developers motivated by meaningful recognition and praise.

We’d love to learn how you encourage better teams and teamwork in your organisation, please leave a comment below!

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