Dev2 Dev Evening: October 2018

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Oct 24, 2018 6:00 PM
4 Lucas Drive, Nguni Office Park, Hillcrest
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We’ve been hosting Dev Evenings on an annual basis since 2013, and finally we picked a date with beautiful weather! The evening was just fantastic, and the beers went down well.

Dev Evening topics

Rory McGuire, a senior Dev2 developer kicked the evening off with a very informative presentation on programming in D. D allows you to write in multiple paradigms with one language enabling greater skills transference between various development activities and lowers cognitive load. The D Language is easy to read and new developers can jump right in, and with very little coding, develop small apps which can do a lot. You can watch his full presentation here.

Ronald Mariah, a local Durban Developer and DevOps enthusiast presented his topic on DevOps in Visual Studio Team Services. His demo showed how to push code to a repository with an automated build, in a .Net core application using a Docker container which pushes this on to a container registry. The container registry was mapped to an Azure App Service. You can watch his presentation here.

We ended off the evening with Wayne Sadin streaming live from California, USA. He presented on low-code/ no-code tools and gave us a brief overview of the history of low-code and no-code and their different functions and capabilities. He also explained why low-code platforms are not to be feared among developers. You can watch his presentation here.

A special thanks to our sponsors for helping us keep the event free. Juke’s pizza supplied us with some really authentic, wood-fired pizzas which were absolutely delicious. We also really appreciate the support we get from 101Careers and Warewolf, who have been supporting our Dev Evening for many years.

This year we live-streamed the event on Facebook, so in case you missed it you can watch the presentations on our Facebook page.

If you’d like to speak at our next event please pop us a message to

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