Dev2 Developer Evening - August 2015

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Aug 5, 2015 8:00 PM
4 Lucas Drive, Hillcrest
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This was our second Dev2 Dev Evening this year and a great success! We saw over a hundred new and familiar faces join us for the evening. I always love packing the room with a bunch of passionate people.

The presentations were all exceptional, in spite of some technical glitches with a faulty HDMI adapter!

Konstantin Kudryavtsev enlightened us on blockchains and how they can be used as a data and business logic layer. Check in at Etherum to find out more about this awesome technology. You can watch the full presentation here.

Our very own Robin van den Heever shared with us some of the latest stats and thinking around microservices and microservices architecture, plus some of the pros and cons of microservices versus monolithic apps. Watch the full presentation here.

We will be sharing out videos of both Robin’s and Konstantin’s presentations as soon as we can.

Matt Cavanagh took us through rapid prototyping in Unity3D. Even with a minor interruption we learnt a lot about moving balls for game dev Thanks Matt!

Pieter Germishuys worked his magic in crazy conditions and shared with us the basics of Event Sourcing and CQRS. Thanks to the same dodgy HDMI adapted, we sadly didn’t get to delve into some code.

Our sponsors, Warewolf and  101 Careers came through in a big way to help cover event costs and provide some awesome Warewolf Ts for the draw at the end of the night. Thanks also to Wesley Martin from Digitlab who got the awesome job of MC – miles better than my previous feeble attempts!

It was great to see so many new faces through the door – I honestly didn’t know we had so many passionate devs in Durban (or perhaps people interested in free beer?). But still we saw a strong component of the all-time die-hards who never miss an event – it’s awesome.

In the 3 (nearly 4) years that we have been holding these events it’s such a pleasure to see how the community is growing and getting stronger.

We’re looking at our last event for the year in early November.  Not to be missed!

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