Dev2 Developer Evening - November 2013

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Nov 13, 2013 8:00 PM
4 Lucas Drive, Hillcrest
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Calling all software developers! Dev2, a dynamic software development company based in Hillcrest, will be hosting its third Developer Evening at its offices on Wednesday, 13 November 2013.  These sessions are becoming a regular feature for the Durban developer community as they provide a unique opportunity for role players in the industry to share best practices and expertise.

Created as a platform for sharing information and ideas, the Developer Evening format includes snappy presentations by keynote speakers followed by discussion sessions. At the November event, leaders from the software developer community and the IT industry will unpack various thought-provoking topics including:

  • MVVM Light
  • Information Radiators
  • Code Kata: Craftsmanship and the neuroscience of being excellent
  • Why SignalR?

“Our Developer Evening’s have been very popular as they give developers the opportunity to get great information and knowledge sharing in a short space of time,” says Dev2’s Wallis Buchan. “We are getting huge support from the local developer community and would like to extend this to students and scholars who have a keen interest in software development. The session will provide a huge learning opportunity and a chance to interact with some of the key players in the Durban developer network.”

The dynamic Dev2 is leading the way in software design and revolutionising the development of a world-class RAD tool.  The company is a fervent supporter of the local developer community and is passionate about positioning Durban as the home of world-class software developers.  To actively drive this, Dev2 regularly hosts free community events such as coderetreats to increase code skills and networking opportunities such as its Developer Evenings.

Dev2’s Developer Evening is being held at the company’s offices at Nguni Park, 4 Lucas Drive in Hillcrest. The session will kick off at 6pm.  Drinks and light snacks will be provided. Registration is free, but essential as space is limited.

Registration is available online here

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