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With technology advancing at a rapid rate, there are more demands on IT than ever before. We needed a tool to help us keep up with our customers’ needs and deliver value to them in radically new and efficient ways. Traditional tools and software development just don't cut it if you want to really change the game.

A recent survey revealed that IT leaders' top two challenges are "innovating for the business" and "project speed." Ultimately, the IT department is becoming the "central nervous system" of the organization, tasked with helping a company measure up to customer demands to become more productive, more innovative, and more agile.”

With this in mind, we were determined to provide the best solutions for our clients' businesses in the most efficient way.

Enter Warewolf

Choosing Warewolf was an easy decision. With years of experience using traditional methods, our team saw how effortlessly we could develop software solutions. On average we’re delivering automated business processes over 400% faster than our competitors, thanks to Warewolf.

Being a small team of multi-skilled developers, we needed a tool that could help meet clients’ expectations and something that all our Devs can work on together, regardless of their unique skill set. Warewolf is language agnostic and can therefore be used by anyone with a programming background. It’s easy to learn which means that we can upskill a new developer very quickly.

Having a visual tool has helped us work hand-in-hand with key business leaders to ensure that we deliver exactly what they are looking for. They can add their input and ideas throughout the software development lifecycle. This kind of collaboration has meant that we can significantly reduce our time to implementation, and our customers are able to add real value along the way - a massive win all round.

"As a non-developer, I loved having visibility of the process that was being followed. The development process was simple enough for a non-technical person to understand.” Ntomba Radebe – Senior Business Analyst, The Unlimited.

The power of low-code integration

We previously found integration to be both complex and time consuming, but using this low-code platform we can now hook into most enterprise systems with very little effort. Warewolf comes ready with pre-built tools and connectors which we use to build new systems quickly and easy. We have had some of our biggest successes from automating manual processes.

Because we can deliver solutions so rapidly, the total cost of ownership is dramatically reduced for our clients. Additionally, their returns on investment are significant - just take a look at these Warewolf case studies.

We are now able to take on much more work and not feel the unnecessary pressures of huge backlogs and unsatisfied clients. The systems we build are clearly visible to business owners, giving them the knowledge and power to have effective influence on the success of their solutions and their businesses. They have the ability to focus on their core value propositions and the power to adapt their systems according to their learnings, making them extremely agile. We take a lot of pride in being able to support our clients' businesses in such a way.

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