Dev2 Developer Evening - November 2017

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Nov 22, 2017 8:00 PM
4 Lucas Drive, Hillcrest
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It was one of the coldest weeks of the year and our Dev Evening had been planned, speakers booked and the venue and catering organised. Despite the low temps and the icy weather, we had many of our local devs attend our Dev Evening and it was a great success!

We take great pride in hosting these evenings as we feel that the Durban developer community should have some awesome events to keep up-to-date and current with new technologies. They are also a great way to meet other developers and share experience and knowledge.

Brendon Page kicked off the evening with an awesome talk on Big Data. Using real life examples he explained how to move big data using Lambda Architecture. Lambda architecture is a data-processing architecture designed to handle massive quantities of data by taking advantage of batch and stream-processing methods. An interesting part of his presentation was on ElasticSearch, and how quickly a search engine, which has the capability to look up read and write files within a database, can be implemented.

Elmans Van Wyk entertained us with his talk on Artificial Intelligence. He spoke a little on the history of AI and how far it has come. We learnt about the theory behind the algorithms and the complex formulas involved in machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is evolving at such a rapid rate that it has become feared by many as computers now have the ability to mimic the cognitive functions that are associated with human minds.

How far AI will develop and how fast IT will evolve is still uncertain and many of the world’s leading experts disagree as they simply don’t know. 

Simon Stewart our guest speaker for the evening came all the way from Jo-burg to brace a rather chilly Durban evening. His talk on Augmented Reality was excellent and really had the audience intrigued. Using real life experiences, he delved into some mind-blowing examples of Apple’s ARKit and its capabilities. We saw how he created a 3D image of the Earth, and how it is displayed on his mobile phone, using various touch points and only a few lines of code.

Brendon, Elmans and Simon – thank you! The event would not be the same without the great content and passion which you so willingly share with others in the industry.

We would like to thank our Sponsors 101 Careers , Warewolf and Code Skills.  Your support at our Dev Evenings is greatly appreciated, and without it events like these would not be possible. Thanks to our sponsors we are able to keep these events free and supply our attendees with snacks and refreshments. It's a pretty sweet deal!

Special thanks also goes out to those who attended the Dev Evening! It was great to see so many familiar faces as well as meet all the newbies. We hope to see you all again next year. A lot of hard work goes into organising such an event and it is made worth it by the happy attendees at the end of the night.

If you'd like to know more about our events, give us your details here and we'll notify you of any upcoming events.

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