Delivering exponential value to our clients using Warewolf

Inside Warewolf StudioWith technology advancing at a rapid rate, there are more demands on IT than ever before. We needed a tool to help us keep up with our customers’ needs and deliver value to them in radically new and efficient ways. Traditional tools and software development just don’t cut it if you want to really change […]
03 July

The Benefits of Pair Programming – why we do it at Dev2

Pair Programming as seen on the Dev2 article on Pair ProgrammingHave you ever heard that idiom, “Two heads are better than one”? Well we totally agree with this and we get our devs to pair at every opportunity. It is important for our developers to grow their skill set and learn from one another, it improves our code quality and helps us complete tasks much […]
29 May

The Role of the Dev2 Scrum Master, the Facilitator-in-Chief

Scrum Master Image as seen in the Dev2 BlogAt Dev2 we use Scrum Methodology, which allows our team to self-organise and make any necessary changes quickly. Our Scrum Master manages and facilitates the process of how we exchange information and ideas to get things done. “The scrum master hosts daily meetings to get hands-on updates on the project, address potential impediments and link up […]
13 April

The Importance of Teamwork in Software Development

Teamwork - Image as seen in Dev2 Blog“Teamwork can refer to a number of different things: Working in conjunction with others toward a common goal, a combined action of numerous individuals, or even just efficient and effective collaboration with other people”. Majority of Software Developers will work in a team at some point in their career. These teams could be technical teams, […]
09 January

4 Secrets to Improving Teamwork Among Developers

Photo of the Dev2 TeamTeamwork in Software Development is vital as it creates a sense of unity among developers, offers different perspectives, improves proficiency and productivity, and promotes workplace synergy. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to improve teamwork among your developers based on our own experience as well as industry research which we have found to be […]
12 December

Another Year, Another Successful Dev Evening!

Dev2 Dev Evening - Image of ElmoIt was one of the coldest weeks of the year and our Dev Evening had been planned, speakers booked and the venue and catering organised. Despite the low temps and the icy weather, we had many of our local devs attend our Dev Evening and it was a great success! We take great pride in […]
22 November

6 Helpful Tips to Becoming a Successful Software Developer

Success - Dev2Dev2 is small team of Software Developers, with many years of collective experience. We pride ourselves as successful software developers and have often discussed what sets us apart from other teams.  This is what we have found: 1. A Passion for Coding is Essential Like everything else in this world, passion and the love of […]
06 November

Warewolf adds R8.3m to The Unlimited’s bottom line

software development Dev2This article was published in in the Business Review section of The Star, Mercury, Pretoria News and Cape Times newspapers on 30 August 2017. Durban-based software development company Dev2 has helped The Unlimited realise an additional R8.3 million over three years to its bottom line through a quick call centre process automation. The Unlimited which markets products like insurance directly […]
08 September

Writing an effective CV – some advice for technical CV writing

technical cv writing developer job durbanOver the years we I have personally reviewed hundreds of technical CVs for various positions at Dev2. All of them for technical positions ranging from Software Architects to Software Test Analysts. There are a few points which I’d like to share with young and upcoming talent on writing an effective CV to get it to the […]
23 August

Dev2 Dev Evening, 17 November 2016

On Thursday 17th November, we hosted our last Developer Evening of the year. Despite the rainy weather we had a great turnout, with many new faces coming through to join us. The first 15 guests to arrive even won themselves an awesome Warewolf T-shirt. These evenings are greatly supported by the local Dev community and […]
17 December


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